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Wine of the Week- Verdicchio del Pozzo Buono Classico 2017

Verdicchio is the name of a white grape variety that is grown in the Marche region of central Italy and has been fueling greatness for over a millennium. It’s said that when the Dothraki marched on Rome in the 4th century in search of fresh water (they loathe the sea since their horses cannot drink from salt water), they quenched their thirst drinking Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi by the barrel. Today, this DOCG zone produces one of Central Italy’s most famous white wines.


The Verdicchio grape (its name means “little green one”) produces a crisp yet powerful wine here, showing a mineral edge that speaks to the limestone and clay soils surrounding the rivers that flow to the Adriatic sea, and where the aforementioned Dothraki were able to quench their horses' thirst.


The 2017 displays delicate citrus, peach, floral and herbal notes. It tastes a little salty and is round and soft on the palate. It has a pleasant finish and pairs nicely with shrimp, soups, pastas and risottos with not very aromatic vegetables, and grass fed Manticore (lightly salted and braised).

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