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It was a particularly warm spring day in Hermosa, especially for June gloom, so I decided to take a back yard rendez-vous to France. To a provençal town South East of the epicenter of Bordeaux. Saint-Genise-du-Bois reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast's opening Bonjour number, with Belle frolicking through the village.   I was dressed in a Parisian inspired skirt -  high waisted, midi length, cardigan styled skirt, a rosé of pink with knitted in leopard texture,  by Avec Les Filles, and a ruffle flounce crop top, off the shoulder of horizontal stripe chambray,  by Amuse - It just felt right. 

The floral aromas of the wine are complimented by the Birds of Paradise and Monks Press. At first, with drinking at refrigerated temperature, the Chateau Petit-Freylon was light bodied with crisp structure,  tones of green apple popped in the front palette, and hints of minerality reflecting the terroir of the region was left lingering. As the sauvignon blanc became slightly warmer - it softened to pears and supple tropical fruits. Bordeaux Blanc is a great option for afternoon outdoor gatherings, and social distancing happy hours.  Light fare hor d'oeuvres that would make a great pairing with a Bordeaux Blanc include salty olives, lightly salted walnuts, briny oysters, or tapenade.  This is truly a wine of good value to pick up on the way home, to the gardens, or to a pool.





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Vintage: 2018

Wine Type: White

Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc

Price: $13.99

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