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Wines from the Southern Hemisphere

What do South Africa, Argentina, New Zealand, Chile, and Australia have in common? Correct mon frère, they are countries, filled with fellow participants in the cosmic dance we call life. And they make wine. Good wine. Oh, and they’re all on the other side of the world (Flat-Earthers’ please disregard). 

And most wines from the south (excluding Mississippi, Alabama, and parts of Texas and Florida) are what the fancy wine peoples calls “New World” wine- wines that are into doing things differently, open to experimentation and silly labels, as opposed to old world wines which rely on rules and regulations, and usually hail from traditional wine making places like France and Italy. And do we really need any more rules, especially when it comes to wine? 

This Friday we’ll be breaking all the rules (well, at least a few) and pouring some exciting new world wines to delight your palate and maybe even get you to join in on the cosmic dance. Macarena anyone?!   

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