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Friday- Italian Winemaker Hilde Petrussa from Friuli

Friuli lies in the top-right corner of Italy, between Austria, Slovenia, the Adriatic Sea, and Venice. Although the region is known for being among the best for producers of Italian white wines, Fruili has been getting accolades for it’s reds, especially Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso and Schioppettino. This Friday we’ll be pouring wines from the…

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Tuesday Night Wine Classes

Ready to take your wine knowledge to the next level? Sign up for our Tuesday Night Wine Classes with CSW & Certified Sommelier/ Instructor Nancie Hemminger. The series of classes will launch on June 18th, covering the basic techniques for opening your senses and really tasting what’s in your glass- a fun, interactive evening of…

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Wine of the Week- Hillersden Rose’

Vibrant and Fresh- Not unlike Dudamel’s recording of Mussorgsky’s “Night on Bald Mountain”! Aromas of ripe, red berries and luscious cream are accompanied by hints of orange peel and watermelon rind, not to mention that after rain smell, all rush out to greet you the moment it hits the glass. Think about sipping this while…

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Friday Theme Nights

    Sign up for our weekly email blast here and don’t miss our weekly specials, events. and information about our our Friday theme nights. It may be a visiting winemaker, a fun wine tasting (Girl Scout cookie pairing anyone?) or maybe a blind tasting. Whatever the event, there will be wine involved!   

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Happy Hour!

Rough day? Boss yell at you? Was the foam on your double macchiato this morning not up to snuff? We’ve got the antidote! Monday-Thursday from 4-6pm we do $10 tastings.

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Wine Wednesday!

It’s Humpday. The week has peaked. It’s headin’ straight downhill to the weekend. Time to get started! $10 tastings from 4-8 pm, and 10% off any purchase.

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