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Posts by Alyssa Barron

MUSIC, YOGA & BOOZE: What’s Inside the Cluster?

Is there a remedy for strange days, when is silence loud and does bubblegum go with wine? John William Waterhouse Music Strange Days Have you ever felt like your parents didn’t prepare you well enough for all of the bullshit? Not that they or anyone can, but damn if it’s not frustrating. Whatever your beliefs, these…

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MUSIC, YOGA & BOOZE: Shifting Perspective

  Who is The Broadway Baby; do broken bones mend the soul and what do Romeo & Juliet have to do with wine? Follies (by Stephen Sondheim) MUSIC The Broadway Baby Have you ever listened to something, decided you don’t like it and then revisited it years later and realized it’s amazing? That’s how I feel about…

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MUSIC, YOGA & BOOZE: 3 Essentials For a Better Life

(Post by Alyssa Barron) Who am I and why do I care so much about Music, Yoga & Booze? Music: I’m a professional singer and particular yet avid music lover Yoga: I’m a yoga practitioner and teacher Booze: Because WINE. Also, I’m a wine seller and Level 1 Sommelier… but who’s keeping score? Music has…

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